EP25 – Everyone Thinks My Entrepreneurial Goals are Stupid — Part 1

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A few days ago, I saw a post in one of my entrepreneurial Facebook groups that grabbed my attention. The person who wrote the post, who we’ll leave anonymous, brought up the topic of feeling like nobody understands what he’s trying to do as an entrepreneur.

He spelled it out: By the end of this year (2015), he wants to be making $10,000 every month. He’s currently starting with $0, but has some things in the works. While he fully believes in himself and is excited to get started on this journey, everyone else, including his close family and friends, thinks he’s crazy.

Most of the time, he tries to use this pushback as motivation. But still, this type of questioning and doubt can become very isolating.

He asked the audience: Does anyone else every feel this way?

Today, on The Coders’ Startup, we’re going to break it down. Our goal for this episode is to equip you with tricks and advice to rise above the doubts and opinions of those closest to you.

If It Were Easy…

The Coders' Startup
Entrepreneurship can be isolating.

As an entrepreneur, you have to get used to the fact that a lot of people will simply never understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Carter brings up a good point in our conversation — it’s intimidating. If you share with someone who’s been working a 9-5 job for 40 years that you want to make $10,000 every month, they’ll probably look at you like your crazy. And, to play devil’s advocate a bit, for good reason.

If entrepreneurship were easy, everyone would do it. But the beauty of this, and why I imagine anyone reading this is attracted to it in the first place, is that in typical jobs, there is a ceiling to how far you can go, how much money you can make, and how senior you can become.

But when you’re out there doing things on your own, there are really no limitations. And the way you approach this pushback from people, maybe the people who love you the most, is really all in your mindset.

How to Rise Above the Doubt

As Carter mentions in this episode, getting this negative pushback from the people is really a rite of passage in the world of entrepreneurship. That being said, however, it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier, especially when the people doubting you might be your closest friends and family.

One tactic in handling these types of conversations, is to simply hold back on the specifics of your entrepreneurial goals. Instead of diving into your lofty goals straight off the bat, just say you’re working on a “side hustle” or some sort of project on the side.

Use your own judgement. If the person you’re conversing with shows genuine interest, maybe you can reveal a little bit more. But I’ve found that not divulging all the details of your startup of project in the beginning is better in the long run — it just solidifies the fact that you really don’t have to prove anything to anyone, other than yourself.

The Coders' Startup
Celebrate your small, daily victories.

The Coders' Startup

Another idea on this issue, is to share with the people closest to you a tangible example of what you’ve been working on. Carter does this every Friday, by sending out a weekly newsletter to his family and friends, updating them on how his business is doing.

According to Carter, the feedback he got from this was great, and it was a useful tool in helping his family turn the corner to understanding what he’s been up to working from home everyday.

One method we both believe in wholeheartedly, is to purposefully find an outlet in which you can talk about this stuff openly and freely. For us, that comes in the form of a Mastermind group. A Mastermind group can be as little as two people, and at most, six to eight. Maybe you’re thinking, how do I start one? Well, it couldn’t be easier — just ask people!

Look online in your Facebook groups, on reddit, post a call to action your own blog — when you look for them there are always people out there who want to talk about this stuff. And doing it often might be one of the best steps forward you can take for your business.

Our last piece of advice for combatting the doubt of others, is to celebrate your small victories. Every day or every week, write down what you’ve accomplished. If you get into the habit of doing this, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy — you’ll realize you’re actually making progress, and that will get you excited for what’s coming next. Inch by inch, you’ll realize you’re getting there.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, Part II of this discussion, where Carter and I will speak practically about how to actually achieve a lofty goal like the one we discussed today. How do you go about making $10,000 every month, and making it quickly?

Tune in next week to find out!




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